ClanTect's MDT Explained

In this short video we can see ClanTect's MDT system explained in very simple terms - Check out the key features:

  • Ease of Operation
  • Rapid Electronic Search
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Electronic Search on Multiple Vehicles at the same time
  • Elimination of interference from outside noise disturbances
  • Online access over 4G for diagnostics and support.

Used By

The UK Border Force is a law enforcement command within the UK Home Office. The UK Border Force is responsible for securing the UK Borders, by carrying out immigration and customs control for people and goods entering the UK.

The UK Border Force command has officers stationed at approx. 140 sea ports, airports and road crossings, both in the UK and in mainland Europe.

ClanTect Motion Detection Systems is a key component in the prevention of the illegal cross-border entry of people, by detecting hidden human presence in heavy goods vehicles

What is ClanTect’s MDT?

ClanTect’s Motion Detection Technology is an electronic security system, which can detect any hidden human presence inside vehicles. ClanTect are a UK company, which includes world leading scientists in the field of sound, vibration and signal processing.

ClanTect sensors
How does it work?
We use ultra-sensitive sensors, which can detect even the faintest movement or smallest vibration, coming from the inside of a vehicle.
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ClanTect deployment locations
Where can it be used?
At any check-point for vehicles! Including Borders, Ports/Terminals, Prisons or any type of restrictive military, industrial, research or government area.
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Border crossing
Coping with noise
The system uses advanced signal processing techniques to remove the effect of all external vibration sources. Noisy environments? No problem.
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The Clantect brochure is available for download