ClanTect can be deployed at any type of location which requires the restricted entrance and/or exit of people and vehicles. The application and the objective is the same, i.e. the detection of hidden human presence in vehicles, however this can be applied to so many different markets and zones, buildings and areas, indoors or outdoors.

Border Control Crossings

Border Control check-points can be in very different places: Sea and River ports, Airports, Rail Terminals and on Land, i.e. roads and highways.

The flow of traffic can be immense, which creates additional logistical challenges with demands to increase the flow of people and goods and reduce traffic queues, all of which adds extra pressure to maintain high security against the concealment of illicit goods and illegal people.

Prisons and Penitentiaries

The threats relate to both the entry and exit of unauthorised personnel and prisoners.

Highway 'Stop and Search'

Human trafficking continues to increase across many countries, thousands of refugees are stowed away every week, undertaking high risk journeys in heavy goods vehicles and containers. The national and local police and border forces will pull over and search suspect vehicles at temporary and random locations.

Military Bases

This can include both permanent buildings such as established and extensive air force bases, as well as munitions depots and small, but vital, temporary camps and outposts.

Critical Industrial Complexes

The threats of espionage, sabotage and terrorism are becoming increasingly common-place in major industrial complexes. This can include Petro-Chemical complexes, Hi-Tech research centres, Hazardous Waste Sites, Nuclear Power plants, Hydro-Electric Power stations and dams, as well as Mines and Quarries.

Commercial Zones

Major commercial hubs, such as free-trade zones and distribution and warehousing centres, are also now coming under increased threat. The constant flow of goods and traffic, creates added logistical challenges for maintaining robust security measures.

Government Buildings

This can include almost every conceivable type of building, from historic palaces, modern seats of central government, local and regional municipal halls to high security defence establishments.


There are a multitude of other types of locations, which require protection. This can include residential compounds, particularly in alien and potentially hostile environments, hotels, high value storage facilities (e.g. bank vaults) and in temporary areas such as sealed-off contamination zones and restricted war zones.

The Clantect brochure is available for download