ClanTect Software

The ClanTect Software controls and manages the execution of the “electronic searches” from start to finish, ensuring that the searches are executed rapidly and correctly. The system is self-automated, requiring very little operator involvement, which is limited to simply pressing a couple of “buttons” on the Terminal touch screen.

The system executes the key operations: including the image capture of the vehicle number plate and the execution of the electronic search. The software is able to analyse the data captured from the electronic search within seconds, and it will display the results to the Operator: “Green” for Pass or “Red” for Search.

The Software is able to “eliminate” any vibration, which is emanating from the surrounding ground and infrastructure. This is a key and unique capability, which ensures that the system still provides accurate “searches”, despite any noise interference from sources such as passing traffic and roadworks.

The Software also ensures that the data for each “electronic search” is captured and stored securely, providing an audit trail of the operations.


This is an optional software module, which provides remote data communications via 4G connectivity. The head office host computer system can access and upload data quickly and securely from any of the terminals. Equally any terminal can be accessed for online diagnostics, e.g. for rapid support response, and software files (e.g. new revisions) can be downloaded and installed on each terminal.

*Requires a specially configured laptop device.

The Clantect brochure is available for download