High Accuracy

ClanTect uses advanced algorithms, signal processing and systems logic to eradicate any background interference (such as vibration from passing traffic). This ensures that the readings are interpreted correctly. So, even the faintest noise or vibration, emanating from the vehicle, will be detected, such as an agitated heartbeat. ClanTect’s highest performing accuracy has been validated by independent authorities.

Ruggedised Durable Equipment

Designed to be used in “harsh” outdoor conditions, e.g. encased in a protective metallic frame, and with MIL-Spec connectors.

Rapid Throughput Times

A complete “electronic test” of a vehicle can be completed in only approximately a minute. As a result, the daily operations of the border controls and gate stations, and particularly the traffic flows, are not adversely impacted.

Ease of Use and Operation

The sensors are quickly and easily attached to the exterior of the vehicle, and with no further operator intervention, the system automatically executes an “electronic search” of the vehicle. The Computer Terminal is menu-driven and intuitive, with very minimal data entry: it’s automated from Start to Finish.


This option enables the sensors to operate without cables, thereby removing the need to install and maintain lengthy cables and cable reels, particularly important in outdoor locations and for ad-hoc searches.  The wireless connection is secure and has a range of up to 60 metres. These sensors are powered by 3 x standard rechargeable AAA batteries, enabling full and continual wireless operation without access to mains power.

Outdoor Locations

The system can operate effectively outdoors, when used with the ClanTect Wind Frame. This enables the system to eliminate the effects of vibrations caused by wind excitation. This is crucial for search operations, without enclosed vehicle shelters.

Battery Power

The Battery Pack enables full operation without access to a mains power supply. The Battery Pack provides power for over 10 hours of operation. The rechargeable 26V batteries can be instantly swapped out, enabling a continuous 24 x 7 operation without mains power, crucial for outdoor search operations.

Multi-Vehicle Format Configuration

The system can be utilised for different types of heavy goods vehicles: trucks, roll-on/roll-off containers, coaches, cement mixers, tankers, etc.

Automatic Data Capture and Update

The results of the electronic search are automatically captured and stored, i.e. no manual input nor intervention required. Quick & Simple and Ready for the next vehicle.

Vehicle Automated Number Plate Recognition

The number plates of all vehicles are automatically and instantly recorded on the system and stored with the results of the electronic search. This provides critical data for operational reports (vehicle tracking) and for auditing purposes.

ClanConnect: Remote Data Management & Communications

All ClanTect terminals can transfer data to and from head-office organisations via secure 4G networks, both nationally and internationally. This means a rapid and easy consolidation of up to date information into the head office host computers. It also enables the Head Office to access all ClanTect Terminals remotely, for operational support and diagnostics.

Multiple Vehicle Scanning

The ClanTect system can provide for multi-vehicle scanning from a single terminal, particularly useful for the larger transport inspection bays that also enables higher throughput.

Multiple Language Capability

The system is available in most languages, and it is already deployed in multiple countries.

Sensor Health Check & Validation

The ClanTect system provides for an automated sensor health check, with built-in alarm and audit reports. This ensures that the sensors are functioning correctly, while highlighting any irregularities.

Sensor Testing Station (GTS) module

This is an additional terminal which manages the life-cycle of the ClanTect sensors and cable components to ensure optimum accuracy is maintained. This executes tests on the accuracy and throughput of the sensors, and provides management information data, highlighting any key performance issues.

CE Certified

The ClanTect system has CE Certification, a key quality assurance.


The Clantect brochure is available for download