Main Control Unit

The Main Control Unit (MCU) is in a ruggedised protective metallic case, for non-office work environments. The design meets military specifications, operating in both high and sub-zero temperatures, as well as in high humidity conditions. The integrated colour touch screen provides an ease to use operator interface.

The MCUs are available in different configurations, including 'wireless', 'single-user' and 'multi-user' models. The MCU can also be used with different sensors types.

Specifications (based on the V3m wireless model)

Dimensions 380mm (W) x 340mm (L) x 180mm (H)
Weight 7kg
Display Size 12.1” Colour
Display Type Resistive Touch Screen
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C.
Power AC power input 100–240V, 50-60 Hz | DC power input ClanTect Battery Pack

GTS Terminal

This Terminal is a “testing station” for the Sensors. The Terminal can assess and analyse the performance, health and accuracy of the Sensors, thereby ensuring optimum performance of the ClanTect system. The Terminal is designed and manufactured in a similar metallic casing, in a smaller form factor, compared to the V3 and V4 Terminals.


Dimensions 300mm (W), 300mm (L), 200mm (H)
Weight Approx 3Kg
Display Size 8"
Display Type Projected capacitive
Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C.
Power 100-200v, 50-60Hz
V3 Terminal

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Camera

The ANPR camera is designed with a metallic casing, in order to ensure that it functions in an outdoor environment. The unit comes packaged with an Infra-Red Illumination, Magnetic Mounting Bracket and ethernet cabling that also provides power from the V3 or V4 terminal.


Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C..
V3 Terminal

Battery Pack

This provides power for the Main Control Unit, when there is no mains power available, e.g. in outdoor locations. The Battery Pack provides for over 10 hours of continuous operation. In addition, the rechargeable 26v batteries can be instantly swapped out, enabling a continuous 24 x 7 operation, without access to mains power.


Battery Custom 26V/10.3Ah Li-on
Voltage 26V
Capacity 10380 mAh (270 Wh)
Operating Temperature -25°C to +60°C.
Dimensions 132mm (W), 175mm (D), 80 mm (H)
Weight 2kg
Clantext sensors

Sensors. (Wireless and Wired).

There are multiple options of sensors, to suit different types of use and different systems. The sensors are able to detect the faintest of movement and vibration. They are small and lightweight, but they are protected with a strong outer metallic casing. They have a magnetic base, which makes it easy for them to be attached and removed from the side of the vehicles.

Specifications (based on Wireless Sensors)

Casing IP65 Rated Black Acetal Plastic
Mounting Magnetic
Power 3 x 1.2V AAA rechargeable batteries
Battery Life 12 hours
Dimensions 70mm(W) x 70mm(D) x 90mm(H)
Weight Black Acetal: 0.61kg | Aluminium: 0.86kg (both inc. batteries & antenna)
Antenna connector IP68 Rated protection.
ClanTect Cabling

Cable Management System.

The Cable Management system enables easy management and operation of the cabling and the sensors. This includes Cable Reels, extremely strong and flexible protected Cabling and solid duty end Connectors, to provide additional protection.


Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C.

The Clantect brochure is available for download