HTDS demonstrate the ClanTect fully mobile Human Presence Detection System (or Heart-Beat Detector) at this year’s MILIPOL Paris

At this year’s MILIPOL Paris HTDS, one of France’s leading companies specializing in the distribution and maintenance of high technology detection systems, will demonstrate the ClanTect MDT Mobile system, a highly portable new generation Human Presence Detection System that is entirely wireless. This has been specifically designed to provide a fast, lightweight, highly accurate, non-intrusive system for detecting the presence of human beings hiding within vehicles, trucks, trailers, and containers.

The system can be used at static inspection stations such as those used at ports and critical infrastructure sites, but also for mobile rapid deployment in roadside Vehicle Check Points (VCP’s).

The ClanTect MDT Mobile system is capable of operating with high accuracy in roadside VCP’s due to its unique disturbance isolation capability that can remove the unwanted effects of external vehicular vibration caused by environmental sources such as traffic, wind, machinery, and other sources that are common in a roadside situation.

ClanTect’s systems are already deployed with a wide range of world-leading organisation operating in the border security, prison and critical infrastructure sector, but the new MDT Mobile system represents a vital new tool for police forces and military personnel on internal security and counter-insurgency operations.

Tens of thousands of clandestines and fugitives are detected by ClanTect systems each year, with hundreds of lives being saved.

Find HTDS from 14 to 17 November 2023 at the 23rd edition of Milipol Paris, Stand no: 5 N184


The Clantect brochure is available for download